UNLESS YOU HAVE GOT AN extraordinarily rich elderly relative, your only chance of becoming an instant millionaire is to win a big bet. With £2o,000 in its pocket, FHM Bionic checks out your chances of moving to Monte Carlo.


THE PUNT 810,000 of lottery tickets.

THE BOTTOM LINE If you hold a ticket with three or more numbers drawn, you win something. If not, you lose your stake. THE ODDS Odds of matching all six numbers are almost 14 million to one, which means you’re 14 times more likely to be killed off by flesh-eating bacteria. But, provided you pick to,000 different numbers (not as easy as it sounds), Camelot says you boost your odds to 1,40o to one.

POTENTIAL WINNINGS On average, 90 million lottery tickets are bought every week, and three millionaires created for every draw. Average jackpot is £2 million.

POTENTIAL LOSSES You’ll probably lose £7,400. Odds of winning 810,000 ­worth of dosh by picking five numbers are just over 5 to 1. You’ll probably have ten tickets that match four numbers and zoo tickets matching three. So, on average, you’ll net £2,600.


THE PUNT £10,000 on spread betting. THE BOTTOM LINE The more right you are, the more you win. The more you screw up, the more you lose. Bookmakers offer a spread, and you bet below or above it. Pin-striped city boys take a flutter on how much the stock market goes up or down. You can also bet on sporting fixtures — which has the bookies rubbing their hands because every armchair pundit falsely believes that he’s an expert.SPREAD BETTING

THE ODDS Even odds of making or losing money, but the crunch with spread betting is that you can lose more than your stake.

POTENTIAL WINNINGS Profit is not fixed in advance, so it can be very large. When the British Lions unexpectedly beat the Wallabies 29:13 in the first rugby test this summer, bookies had been offering a spread odds of the Aussies winning by two to five points. If you’d risked LA a point, you’d have won £18,000.

POTENTIAL LOSSES Get it wrong and you can lose more than your stake. A Eta punter who bet £800 a point on shares in electronics giant Marconi to go up in July would have watched the share price halve overnight, leaving them £4,15o out of pocket, on top of the £80k.


THE PUNT Buy a 8,000-worth of warrants. THE BOTTOM LINE A warrant is a specialist “bet” on the future fortunes of a particular company stock or investment trust share – giving you the right to purchase it at a set time, for a set price, up to ten years in the future. If in the meantime the value of that underlying share goes up, your warrants can skyrocket in value. If the share goes down too far, you can end up with now and become a regular user of the loans online consolidation companies.

THE ODDS Highly volatile. There are presently ’26 warrants being traded on the stock market – 76 are losing money, 5o are up. In 1999, a few Japanese warrants grew in value by 4,672 per cent. POTENTIAL WINNINGS No limit. In 1999, if you’d bought ft 8,000-worth of warrants in hi-tech firm Seymour Pierce for tp each, you could have cashed them in for a cool ELI million (Io9p each) by spring 2000. But timing is everything. If you’d held on, hoping for more gains, you’d have watched them dip back to tip – making your investment worth £r r o,000 instead ­not bad, but you’d no longer be a millionaire, either.

POTENTIAL LOSSES Companies can become almost worthless and warrants can also expire.


THE BOTTOM LINE The biggest bet you can make is on a single number coming up from I to 36 plus a zero (in the US, there are two zeroes).ROULETTE WHEEL

POTENTIAL WINNINGS £360,000. Casinos take a cut. You could increase your chance


THE PUNTA 6op phone call to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

THE BOTTOM LINE 32.5 million gullible folk have called the phone line so far, at a wallet-whacking 6op-a-minute. Two millionaires have been created – making the odds of it being you more than 16 million to one.

THE ODDS Call every five minutes during the three days the phone line is open, 24 hours-a-day, and you increase your odds of getting on the show to 18,8o8 to one ­surely worth 72 hours without sleep. The automated call system keeps you hanging on for well over a minute, on average, before you slam down the phone having wasted another Bop or more. POTENTIAL WINNINGS a million. POTENTIAL LOSSES Your pride, when you get blown out of the water during the first round, and your dignity when patronized by overly matey Chris Tarrant – no doubt pleased with himself for already being a millionaire.



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